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pinterest halloween costumes

It’s hard for me to remember what life was like before the internet. But you know what’s even harder to remember? What people did before Pinterest. I use Pinterest for virtually everything.

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why dudes should be on pinterest

A year ago, Pinterest was a woman’s game. Filled with recipes, household cleaning tips, and fashion suggestions, it was every woman’s dream-turned-reality. These days, it’s no longer just for the ladies. Dudes are finding ways to make use of Pinterest’s cataloguing system. Find out why the men in your life need to sign up!

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win passes to alt summit

To win, pin your favorite ideas or examples of neighboring!

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i don’t get twitter

Twitter is an open social network in which users “tweet” 140 character messages either to the people that are following them, or to specific users that may or may not be following their tweet feed.

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how to never forget anything cool you see on the internet

Last year when I planned my wedding, I knew a few things from the get-go: I knew I wanted it to be beautiful and rustic, I knew I was on a tight budget, and I knew I needed lots of inspiration from other people to eliminate the use of a wedding planner and still pull it off.

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