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Making Neighborhood Friends

National Friendship Day is coming up, which means you have a nation-wide excuse to make more friends! No more lonely lunches for you (unless you enjoy eating alone…that’s cool with me…no judgment here). But on the off chance that you woke up this morning and thought, “Hey you know what? I could use another friend in my life!” then this is the perfect article for you! Neighborhoods are a great place to start, but it can be a little intimidating to spark up a friendship. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make more neighbor friends. In fact I guarantee (not really, but just maybe) that implementing these tips will get you a neighbor friend!

  1. Go on a walk.

I can never go more than 5 minutes outside my house without seeing another person. Sometimes we do that awkward glance look-at-feet glance-again half-smile pretend-someone-is-calling-me thing. But in honor of friendship day I will say “hi” to the people I see on a walk and we will be friends I just know it.

  1. Bake cookies.

A dozen cookies never hurt a relationship. That is, unless they were poison cookies. Okay this tip is now: Bake non-poisonous cookies. And then take those cookies to a neighbor. This is by far the most important tip I can offer because cookies are delicious to the soul.

  1. Follow a drone camera back to its owner.

Now this is a true story. We have a neighbor who has the coolest gadgets and one night we saw a camera drone flying around the neighborhood. We were certain it was his so we followed it to his house and started chatting. Two hours later we were convinced of buying our own drone and hopefully some nice neighbors will follow it to our house.

  1. Watch The Bachelor.

I’m not saying you really have to watch The Bachelor to have friends. That would just be insane (almost as insane as one guy dating 25 intoxicated women at the same time). But what I am saying is that you can have something really silly in common (like watching The Bachelor) and it provides a great excuse to get together once a week with neighbor friends! Every Monday a group of women in my neighborhood get together and jaw-drop for 2 hours over The Bachelor and we really enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Plan a neighborhood BBQ

Okay this one is a little more involved but I put it at the end of my list for all you overachievers. I knew you would be the ones to make it to the end of my list anyways! I’ve hosted and attended several neighborhood BBQs and can say that it has led to numerous neighbor friendships.

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Every year we hear about that one guy or one gal who died in a national park. Sometimes it’s a dehydrated hiker who journeyed into unsafe territories. Maybe it’s that moron in front of you who got out of his car to pet the wild buffalo. Other times it’s a thrill-seeker base-jumping off cliffs. It’s hard to convince our rock climbers to ditch their beloved hobby, but

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printable neighborhood—your new spring home

Spring is coming, right? I swear it has to be out there somewhere! I catch myself dreaming of far-flung places only because the pictures of them include warmer weather. 

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the grass can actually be greener

Every neighborhood I’ve ever lived in, and I’m sure probably every neighborhood in the world, has that one guy and his yard. You know who I’m talking about. The guy whose lawn bursts forth in verdant splendor the minute the snow melts, while yours looks

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how to make the most of april showers

We’re all familiar with the old adage April showers bring May flowers, and even though I really do enjoy those flowers in the spring, sometimes the dark clouds, colder temperatures and wet hair can really bring a girl down. Luckily, I’ve been thinking about how to make the most of these rainy springtime days

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earth hour: the one hour annual event

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how to organize business cards electronically

As an executive assistant, one of my least favorite tasks (although I was pretty quick at it) was manually typing in all of the info from each business card into my boss’s outlook contacts after he gathered hundreds at an event or conference. I thought to myself

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the canadian red cross 101

You never know when you might need the Canadian Red Cross, an important resource for all Canadians. Designed to assist people dealing with any sort of disaster recovery, the Canadian Red Cross is completely funded by public donors.

During the devastating Alberta flood last summer, the Canadian Red Cross provided immense support to the citizens in 

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color therapy

Color therapy, or chromotherapy as it is sometimes called, dates back to the year 980 when colors really meant something. I say that last sentence with

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leave your pet in good hands

A couple of years back, my husband and I offered to pet-sit a neighbor’s dog while he was out of town for a few days. We were living in New York City at the time, and while I had experience with dogs

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organize your home office day

It’s official—there’s a holiday for everything. And on Organize Home Office Day, you can give yourself the gift of an organized workspace. While it might sound like a daunting task, I actually have gotten myself

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severe weather preparedness week

This week, as you weather enthusiasts may know, is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, but I am sure you already had your calendars marked. For those of you (like me and I assume the majority) who did not know

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the pet safety kit

When I think of safety, the first thing that comes to mind is car safety. Last month I shared what’s in my car emergency kit: jumper cables, flash lights, first-aid supplies, and more. After going through my car safety kit, it got me thinking that we should have a

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caffeine awareness month

March is a special time of the year. It is a time of renewal and rebirth as winter beings to melt away and the first blooms of spring fight their way through the chilly ground. As the birds return and the days get longer, our hearts

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happy birthday yellowstone!

Time to break out your party hats and hiking boots! March 1st marks an important day in our nation’s history as good old Yellowstone Park turns 142 years old. The very first land to be designated as protected parkland

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tech to help with taxes

Wait . . . didn’t we just do taxes? Time flies in between tax seasons, and we’re back already! Here’s hoping that your finances are ship-shape and you’re all ready to file. But if you could use a little help with organization, we’re sharing some of our favorite tech

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march madness: this post could help you win 1 billion dollars

Warren Buffet, the 4th billionaire in the world who is worth more than $53 billion, is offering $1 billion to whoever can make a perfect march madness bracket. There is no entrance fee. All you need to do to 

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travel emergency kit

Whether you are piling in the car for a road trip, catching a flight to the beach, or boarding a cruise ship to Greece, it is important to be prepared for emergencies that may occur. A travel emergency is the kind of emergency that might catch

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burn awareness month

Being the mother of two small children, I am hyper-aware of all the hazards that exist both inside and outside of my home.  I try to be vigilant and take as many precautions as I can (e.g., childproof locks on my knife drawer, outlet covers and a baby gate).  However, sometimes

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changing your name in the digital age

When I got married a couple of years ago, my lovely wife wasn’t totally sure she wanted to give up her last name. So when we got our marriage license, we left her maiden name on it with the option to change at a later date.  A couple months ago,

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printable neighborhood – back to school

This week’s printable house is much more than a house—it’s an entire pint-sized school! I don’t know about you, but this time of year it seems extra hard to get my daughter out of bed and on her way each morning. We’ve also run into

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