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All posts tagged good neighbor

door locks then and now

The door lock has been protecting families, keeping treasure safe and helping maintain privacy for thousands of years.  The earliest know door locks consisted of a wooden pin lock, bolt, door fixture and key.

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home security – my new monthly utility

I will never forget the day my husband bought me my very first cell phone. I didn’t want it and thought it was a complete waste of money. I looked at it as more of an annoyance than anything else. I didn’t think it was necessary for someone to get ahold of me every second of the day. It basically sat uncharged on the kitchen counter for months.

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creating connections with your neighbors

When my husband and I were looking to buy our first home, we evaluated the neighborhoods as well as the houses. Was the street quiet? Did we see any neighbors interacting with one another? Were there children playing outside? Was the neighborhood safe?

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“undercover boss” behind the scenes with vivint employee mark woods.


Q: How would you describe your “Undercover Boss” experience?

A: My experience on Undercover Boss was great. I’ve never talked to Todd or met with him personally before. It was really cool to be able to work with him for an entire day. Actually, he kind of worked for me, which made it all more interesting. Read more…

slow cooker recipe: tasty turkey chili

You’re at work, it’s snowing outside and you know that you will have hungry mouths to feed as soon as you get home. You can’t possibly bear the thought of cooking tonight. Luckily, you already prepared an easy, healthy chili in the slow cooker. You just need to turn it on. With Vivint’s Small Appliance Control, you can start dinner with just a swipe in your Vivint app.

Below is a recipe for all you super-moms on the go.

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battery day – how to recharge your mental batteries

I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes to push myself in most areas of my life. Sometimes my overachieving tendencies leave me exhausted, overwhelmed, overextended, or even worse, ready to snap. We push ourselves for many reasons…to feel smarter, more productive, more accomplished…and suddenly we reach a limit we didn’t know we had. Ever been there?

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“undercover boss” behind the scenes with vivint ceo todd pedersen

Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen will be featured on the Season 6 finale of CBS’s award winning series, “Undercover Boss,” Friday, February 20, 2015.  We talked to Todd about his experience being part of the show. He shared some details that provided a great sneak peek to the episode.

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I recently read a story in the news about a 13-year-old boy who was interviewed by a local street photographer. During the interview, he was asked “Who’s influenced you the most in your life?’ He said it was his school’s principal and told about how she had impacted his life by believing in him and showing him that he mattered.  Because of these kind words more than $1-million has been raised online for his school.  This money will be used for class trips and scholarships.

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how to stay organized at work

A new year means a renewed effort at being organized for so many of us! If your work life has got you frazzled, it might be time to take control at the office. Whether you need help organizing your physical workspace, or you could use some tips for organizing your headspace, we’ve got some fresh ideas that’ll get you set for success in the new year.

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organize your house room by room

If you vowed on January 1st that 2015 would be the year you finally get organized at home, you’re not alone. According to a University of Scranton study, getting organized is the second most popular New Year’s resolution. (Coming in at number one? Losing weight!)

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get to know your customers day

It’s 2015 and one thing I’ve noticed is that competition is everywhere. I can Google “pizza” and immediately find close to ten options within fifteen miles of my house. Crazy, right? As consumers, we’re faced with more and more decisions each day, from a cell phone provider to the simple task of choosing a brand of peanut butter.

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random acts of neighboring

Every day is a great day to start showing an extra dose of kindness and generosity to your neighbors. But if you had to pick a time to start really putting this into practice, now is a great time because January 19th is National Day of Service.

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home safety checklist

I love making lists. I have notebooks full of them and nothing makes me happier then finishing something and marking it off. I might even be guilty of occasionally adding something to a list after it’s accomplished just so I can cross it off.

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a place for everything

I used to think that I wasn’t a very organized person. My wife would accuse me of having a bad case of the dropsies—I would just put stuff down wherever I finished using it.

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new years eve goal setting

2015 sure sounds like a promising year, doesn’t it? With 2014 quickly coming to an end, this is the time of year where we start reflecting on our lives and planning out resolutions for the new year.

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streamlining the holidays: holiday party plan

There are very (very) few things in life that I am an expert in. I am probably more of a “jack of all trades, master of none” when it comes to life. “A work in progress” is another way to say it. But there is one area of my life that I have pretty dialed in, and that is party planning.

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printable new year’s resolution card

I’ll admit, every year around this time I jump on the resolution train and jot down a few things that I’d love to focus on in the new year.

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printable thank you card

Did you know that today is Thank You Card Day? Isn’t that just the best? After all of the hubbub of Christmas and now that all the gifts have all been unwrapped, it’s the perfect chance to return to a spirit of thankfulness.

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merry christmas

Merry Christmas from our neighborhood to yours! We hope you all have a very special day with the ones you love. Be safe, eat a lot of good food and have a very merry Christmas! 

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streamlining the holidays: focusing on the important things

Happy holidays, everyone! It is incredible how quickly this year has passed us by and now here we are preparing to tuck in for the holidays and enjoy spending time with friends and family. And that is exactly what the holidays should be about, right?

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streamlining the holidays: tying up loose ends

As we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, you might be shocked to learn that half of December has already flown by! I know I personally am always shocked when Christmas arrives and the season has almost completely passed me by.

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’twas the day before christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas when Vivint came to our house,
It was just what I wanted—a smart home—for me and my spouse.

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streamlining the holidays: gift wrapping

How many times have you shopped your heart out for those perfect gifts, sorted those amazing goodies into piles, pulled out that bag or box filled with all the various wrapping papers, ribbons, labels, bows and tapes, only to find it all in such a bungled mess that that you end up having to cut your way out of the tangle ribbon, through away smashed bows, and find that your once-beautiful paper is wrinkled and not so beautiful any more?  Your joy and good will may just have turned into frustration and anger. Well, we’ve had the same problems so we’ve compiled some ideas from the experts and are gifting those ideas to you!   

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#vivintkids help santa

Dear Parents,

As the final hours ‘till Christmas count down, the North Pole has been frantically working overtime, taking additional calls and letters from parents.

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streamlining packing

Holy Holidays Batman!! Congrats and high fives to those who made it this far without having a nervous breakdown or gaining a holiday twitch. In 2009, I made the goal to not hate the Holidays. Sounds awful I know, who hates the holidays? I feel the holidays are meant to be celebrations, yet to often they end up stressing people out. Travel is a big part of our holiday schedule. With two young unpredictable boys this might seem like a bad way to keep your holidays fun and frustration free. However here are four ways to streamline Holiday Travel Packing to keep your holiday spirits high and your stress level low.

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holiday coloring contest

To me and my family, the holidays are all about home. Whether we’re actually home for the holidays, or vacationing elsewhere, being with loved ones is like being home. And what would the holidays be without tradition?  In fact, one of my favorite parts about the holidays are the fun activities that I can enjoy with my family as we celebrate together. And Vivint wants to help your holiday be filled with memories, traditions, and being together with your family, too. That’s why Vivint is hosting a Holiday Coloring Contest.

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streamlining the holidays: getting ready for people to stay with you

Tis the season for holiday visitors, out-of-town guests, and family get-togethers. If you think your house is starting to feel more like a hotel rather than a home this month, you’re not alone. Many of us host friends and family in our homes during the holidays.

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hanukkah party shortcuts

Thanks to Adam Sandler, we all know that Hanukkah is the festival of lights. And what’s a festival without a party?

Hosting a Hanukkah party can be a lot of fun – and a lot of work. Thankfully, there are some totally acceptable shortcuts that will make preparing for your Hanukkah party much easier, leaving you with more time to wrap eight nights’ worth of presents!

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streamlining hanukkah decorations

In preparation for Hanukkah this week, my mom stood precariously on a wobbly chair, retrieving assorted boxes from shelves and drawers. Inside the boxes (mostly plastic bins and shoeboxes, only some of which were labeled) were all of the Hanukkah decorations she’s been collecting since my sister and I were kids, as well as some new ones for her grandchildren to enjoy.

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gingerbread houses – tips, tricks and template

Making gingerbread houses is a cherish tradition at our house. It’s a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Over the years, after much trial and error, I’ve collected a couple of tips and tricks to help things go smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

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