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All posts tagged alt summit

bringing smiles through simple, random acts of neighboring

It doesn’t take much to make someone smile or brighten someone’s day, but what comes from it is so much more: It truly is amazing, happy and hopeful. A simple, random act of neighboring is a great way to show you care, or a great pick-me-up if you’re feeling down. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you do something to make someone have a better day is contagious!

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alt summit sf and nyc giveaway winners

Per usual, Alt summit in both New York and San Francisco completely blew us away. So much creativity and insight! We couldn’t get enough. While we were attending both of these amazing conferences, The Neighborhood decided to host a little giveaway. Fun, right? Here’s what we did.

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alt summit san Francisco – dinner

When I heard the good news that Altitude Summit, the mega conference for bloggers, was coming to San Francisco, I jumped for joy!  Alt Summit is one of my favorite events of the year and to have it right in my own back yard was a dream come true.  I look forward to Alt Summit each year to gain some much needed perspective on my business and get a dose of inspiration to carry me through the ups and downs of being my own boss.

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alt summit san francisco – recap

This summer, Vivint was delighted to sponsor the first ever Alt Summit San Francisco. Altitude Summit is a yearly conference in Salt Lake City, New York, and now San Francisco celebrating small businesses and the blogging community.  Started by sisters Sara Urquhart and Gabrielle Blair, Alt Summit is open to everyone from the beginner blogger to the veteran small business owner to the mother of three and hobbyist photographer. 

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alt summit design – nyc – recap

Attending ALT Design Summit in New York is a blogger’s dream. This was my second year attending, and while some go just to network and learn how to make their blogs better (trust me, I did both of these things) I really took the day to remind myself why I blog, what are my goals, and truly refocus myself to help push my little space on the internet into a place where entertaining truly is easy for everybody.

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alt summit nyc – recap

For the second year in a row, Vivint is excited to have been a sponsor of Alt Summit in NYC. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia graciously hosted Alt Summit at its amazing corporate headquarters, complete with a rooftop terrace and views of the Hudson River. Read more…

alt nyc ticket giveaway

The Neighborhood is teaming up with the oh-so-famous and fabulous bloggers conference Alt Summit to give away one ticket to the upcoming Alt Summit NYC conference!

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10 things we learned at Alt Summit – part 2

Ready for more Alt Summit madness? Our heads are still spinning from everything we learned. Although really we could go on forever, here are just five more lessons garnered from this event.

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10 things we learned at Alt Summit – part 1

If you follow us on Instagram or are a regular on The Neighborhood, then you know that Vivint had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Alt Summit this year. Alt is THE conference for pioneering bloggers, expert bloggers, rookie bloggers, graphic designers, artists, writers, interior designers, magazine editors, event planners, fashion writers, and everything in between. It attracts some of the biggest names in the creative world.

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house 7 & Alt Summit: the ultimate blogger neighborhood

One of the main goals of The Neighborhood is, of course, to be neighborly. To expand our digital world back out into the real world, and reconnect with those around us on a more meaningful level. It’s such an important concept—and a growing concern—as we become more and more in love with our digital devices. Did you know there was actually a study done that showed a person’s brain chemistry respond to their iPhone with the same emotional responses as they do to their loved ones? We really do love our tech!

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ALT Summit 2013 | Salt Lake City, Utah

The team at Vivint is so pleased to welcome you to our neighborhood! We want to insure you have a fun (and delicious!) stay in Salt Lake City, so we are sharing some of our very favorite local places to eat, drink, shop, and of course to Instagram.

Click here for our interactive guide.

We look forward to meeting you in person! And, if you have any questions about Salt Lake while you are at ALT Summit, please feel free to reach out to us at neighborhood@vivint.com!

win passes to alt summit

To win, pin your favorite ideas or examples of neighboring!

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