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burglar-proof your home

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home in the United States is burglarized? If you’re planning to travel for spring break, your home could be at an increased risk while you are away. Protect your home by setting your alarm and implementing these extra tips to keep burglars at bay.

* Stop mail and newspaper delivery or have a friend pick them up regularly. Nothing screams empty house like an overflowing mailbox or cluttered porch.

* Hire someone or have a friend take care of your yard. A well-kept yard is a sign that someone is home and may deter intruders. Also, pruning large trees may keep intruders from accessing the second-story of your home from lower tree limbs. Trimming shrubs also takes away an otherwise good hiding place from intruders.

* Put lights and the radio/television on timers. A natural sequence of lights or radio/television use will help give the appearance that you’re home.

* Don’t hide a spare key. Burglars tend to know common hiding places. Try leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor instead.

* Avoid putting your last name on your mailbox; it might aid an intruder in locating your phone number and calling to make sure no one is home. On that same note, don’t change your answering machine to say you are on vacation.

* Use motion sensors for exterior lights. Make sure your Vivint sign is in a visible place in your yard.

* Lock all doors and windows. The longer it takes a burglar to enter your home the more likely they are to give up and leave rather than risk getting caught.

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  1. lloyd r jensen,sr

    I do all of that every time we leave our home.

  2. Holly E. Harmon

    I appreciate your wanting to rebrand your image and expand your product line, but using the name “vivint,” in all lower case letters no less, and in orange to boot, for a security system logo just makes me want to laugh. PLEASE don’t remove my APX sign from out in front of my home. Replacing it with a pretty vivint sign is just not a deterrent in my book and I have to wonder if a burglar would think I’d just had my garden tidied up and revitalized by a company named vivint — for life! Poor, poor choice of naming in my book. I’d love to talk to your marketing folks….

  3. Helen Duich

    I have a question regarding the APEX sign. From a previous email, plans are to replace these signs. Question: When is this scheduled?

    • Ian Bell

      we’ll have all yard signs replaced by May 1st. A representative will come by to replace those for you!

  4. Aubrey Handy Jr

    I still have the Apex Sign in front of the house will i get the new sign with the new name ? I like to know about all your new products and service that you have now that is available thank you in advance for your help thank you Aubrey Handy Jr

    • Ian Bell

      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll have all yard signs replaced by May 1st. A representative will come by to replace those for you!

  5. G. Bates

    I have been with APEX for quite a while, it appears VIVINT will make a great improvement however the name APEX will always remain with me because they gave me Peace of Mind when away from home and at home. Thanks for the wonderful service.

  6. Mark Evans

    Love the service so far. I am, however, a bit dismayed as to the look of the new sign in front of my house. “Vivint” that’s it. No mention of security. Nothing. I feel like I’m advertising as a vitamin distributorship. Can you folks in marketing please come up with something else or maybe I’ll go get the old Monitronics sign out and replace it for now. Love the touch-pad master panel. That’s what sold me on you guys, so user friendly.

  7. Victor & Ruby Laurie

    We have your system is our home and we really enjoy it, but I want to know are just the doors protected or the windows also. Thank you Ruby

  8. mj

    It really doesn’t matter if you leave the radio or television on. My television was on and on full blast when my house was broken into (before getting the alarm system). I am home during the day, and I see criminals strolling through the block. They have identified which car belongs to whom. If there are no parked cars on the block, its an indication that no one is home. Even though we now have signs indicating we have alarm systems, that doesn’t seem to slow them down. I have had two criminals approach my door pretending to be contractors. So, if you don’t have a garage to hide the car, what other tips can you provide other than motion lights and trimmed trees?

  9. Herb Frank

    I still have an APX sign, when do we get the new ones?

    • Ian Bell

      We’ll have all yard signs replaced by May 1st. A representative will come by to replace those for you!

  10. Keith Haan

    I was trying to burglar proof my house by relying on a security name lit on my front lawn. No one identifies the name vivint with home security. I’m sure no one who might be tempted to break into my house has every heard of vivint, because no one else has either. I’m waiting for a big media blitz to let the public know just what vivint is. Some PR company made a killing on the name and are laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. sandra powers

    I want my system cancelled. I asked apx to cancel and now i request from you .i am stopping the payments from my bank.

    • Jenaé

      Sandra, I can have someone call you asap to get you situated to your satisfaction. If you have any further questions, please contact me at jplymale@vivint.com. Thanks for posting.

  12. delia velazquez

    You are our new security company, originally with APX, I hope security service will be as good or better.

    When we travel we follow all the above security steps.

    I like the APX lawn sign with the light, if your sign does not meet the same appearance, I rather keep my current APX sign.

    Thank you.

  13. Emmanuel Fisher

    I’m STILL waiting for my new VIVINT lawn sign since the one I have STILL says APX and the solar powered light no longer works… I was promised a new sign when you changed over from being called APX…

  14. Jack Gilliam

    I have been complaining about the new yard sign. The one that just has “VIVINT” on it. Talked to a rep today & thay are sending me a new sign that reads “Protected by Vivint”. This is great. My main complaint was the bad guys would not see it as a alarm sign. Now they can read the sign & move on.
    Thanks Vivint,

  15. Felipe De León Brown

    The article is a good reminder for any of us. Will there be a new yard sign with “Vivint” t replace the “APX” sign that we currently use? If so, how are you planning to distribute it to Pre “Vivint” clientelle?

    • Ian Bell

      We have Vivint Representatives visiting each customer’s home. All those signs should be replaced by the end of april. Thanks for posting!

  16. Mike

    We would like to get some window stickers. How would we do that?
    Thank you.

  17. Dennis Sullivan

    I am not sure about the new company name either. Also, it is May 8th and I haven’t received my new sign. I hope it has a light on it that was better then the last one.

  18. Jody


  19. John

    The number of home burglaries traditionally spike in the summer months. I think that light timers and Fake TV (www.faketv.com) are excellent solutions to deter burglars. Also, playing anti-theft home occupancy sounds MP3 or a CD (sells on Amazon or at http://www.webensource.com/burglar_deterrent_cd/ ) in home while away is a great way to scare burglar that someone is in.