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garbage disposal

garbage disposal—do’s and don’ts

Garbage disposals—we love ’em and hate ’em. We love them because they, well, dispose of all that gross extra food that we don’t want stinking up the house. We hate them because if we accidentally put something in it that we probably shouldn’t have, it’s a big, huge nightmare. There’s nothing more disgusting than a backed up, stinky sink  due to garbage disposal problems. We can avoid this if we just pay attention to what we put down the sink (and don’t put down). Below are lists of items that you can put down the garbage disposal, as well as items that shouldn’t go down.

CAN’T Go Down:
-oil, fat, or grease
-egg shells
-starchy or fibrous vegetables like potato peels
-fruit pits
-corn cobs

CAN Go Down:
-most vegetables and fruits
-coffee grounds
-vinegar and baking soda
-small meat scraps without bones

There are some tips to help maintain your garbage disposal, as well. Try to put vinegar and baking soda down weekly to help clean it. Avoid putting chemicals down the disposal to avoid the parts from breaking down. Also, try to compost your excess food as well rather than using the garbage disposal as often.

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  1. Mandy H.

    ARGHHH! I wish I had read this like a week ago! I’m guilty of throwing, like almost all of the above down my garbage disposal, well just rice and potato peels and pasta. But stilL! LOL… thanks for the tips.

  2. We are glad we could help.

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