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smoke detector

all about smoke detector . . . batteries

Did you know that to ensure your smoke detector is always working, you should replace the batteries at least once a year? It’s true, and it’s kind of important. Approximately 73% of all smoke alarm failures were because of missing or dead batteries.

But once you’ve replaced them, what do you do with them? We all know batteries have hazardous materials in them that can seep into landfills and from there into the groundwater and soil. So how do you dispose of them safely? Well, you basically have two options: (1) take them to a battery recycling center (click here to find one near you); or (2) participate in a hazardous household waste (HHW) drive sponsored by your community.

If you have a Vivint smoke detector and want to check the batteries, call one of Customer Care agents at 800.216.5232 and they’ll be happy to help you out.

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  1. Aileen Derhake

    We changed the batteries and the smoke detector continued to beep. After talking with one of your reps, the detector stopped beeping but the control panel started, every 3 min. We spoke wth 2 different reps and both were helpful but the control panel continues to beep. What now?

  2. Michael

    if it is one that we installed, it is possible that you may need to remove both of the batteries from the smoke detector and using a small piece of metal wire or old coat hanger, touch the two ends of the medal to the terminals that the battery connected to for 30 seconds. Sometimes the smoke detector will retain the memory of the low battery and this erases that memory. Also check to make sure that the smoke detector is completely connected to the base

    • Mike

      An alternative to using metal is to hold the test/hush button down with the batteries removed. Holding it down for 30 seconds should be plenty to drain any residual power/memory from the unit.