printable neighborhood—your new spring home

Spring is coming, right? I swear it has to be out there somewhere! I catch myself dreaming of far-flung places only because the pictures of them include warmer weather.  For instance, I saw this amazing door on Pinterest last week. Since there is no way on God’s green earth that it will ever be a part of any of my future homes, I decided it could be the starting point for a perfect spring printable. It’s an escapist way to think about things. So, I simplified a ton—because that fits the aesthetic of our neighborhood—and added some spring flair.

I’ve allowed myself only to think about the coming spring and summer seasons in the last week or so. Before that, denial was the only way to make it through the non-stop, never-ending, continuous winter so many of us have experienced this year. It may be a Northern Midwest coping mechanism of some kind, but I’ve found it’s the only way to get through January, February, March, and even April here in Minnesota. If I don’t think ahead to what I’m missing, or what could be happening outside my window, then I’m less depressed about all of it. So, instead I just kind of pretend things are on hold indefinitely. It’s weird, but it works.

Now, however, I’ve opened the floodgates. Flowers are infiltrating my blog posts, my Pinterest pins, my Instagram likes, and my kitchen table (thanks to grocery store bouquets!). It’s no surprise that, with that mindset going, our printable house of the week features some floral decorations, right? Let’s hope it’s a sign of what’s to come very, very soon.

Printable House Instructions:

  1. Download and print.
  2. Cut out along the edges.
  3. Fold all of the creases before getting out the glue.
  4. Then, with a glue stick, glue a couple tabs of the house at a time, assembling as you go. Start at the inside corner of the building and work towards the final side tab.
  5. Enjoy!


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  • southerninstitute

    This little house is adorable! My kids will love using this in their imaginative play… I hope the Lego guys like it. ;)