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printable neighborhood—forest full of trees

This week we’re thinking all things green! That’s right: we need a forest full of green leafy trees to populate our neighborhood of houses, businesses, church, and school. It’s spring time after all, even if it hasn’t started quite yet in my  Midwestern hometown.

I’ve spent so much time staring out the windows and imagining green leaves on the trees, that there really was no other choice for this week’s printable. It’s the only thing on my mind.
The houses and buildings and streets and ground all seem drab and dull without the flush of green fluttering leaves surrounding them. Our poor yard feels naked, and I’m not
looking forward to our little Easter egg hunt without anything green. Hopefully the grass will at least turn some pretty colors in time for the holiday!

The best part of my backyard is that it butts up to a small stand of trees. We call it the woods, but it’s really not that big. Still, in the summer it protects our view of the fields
and buildings beyond them. Every fall when the leaves fall, I’m always shocked to see the lights and streets on the other side of our woods, and by this point—after a long
winter—I can’t wait for that natural privacy to return to our yard. Honestly, I can’t wait to spend time in our yard again too! So print out several sheets of these mod trees to add
to your paper neighborhood. The more the better. And then you can have a little woods of your own.

1. Download and print.
2. Cut out along the edges.
3. For the pine tree, fold the base creases and stand it up.
4. For the tall trees, cut the slits in the base of each tree, then curve that
base around to make a circle. Slide the slits into each other to hold it
together (I recommend doing it with the excess tabs on the inside, not the
5. Enjoy!


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