neighbor welcome gift

When a new neighbor moves in, I’m always so excited to introduce myself. I’m also always keenly aware, though, that a move-in can be super stressful and kind of a crazy time. So I’ve come up with a simple, no-fuss welcome gift that I can almost guarantee will be a hit—I mean, who doesn’t love a bottle of something sparkly?!

This one’s easy as can be. Just grab a bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling cider, pick up a new kitchen towel, and wrap the bottle in the towel with some ribbon. Then, print out this downloadable gift tag, pop it onto the bottle, and you’re ready to go! Be sure to write your contact information on the back of the tag, to let your new neighbors know that you’re there if they need anything. Introduce yourself, say cheers, and let them get down to the business of unpacking. (Or, if you’re really nice, offer to help move some boxes!)