how to introduce yourself to new neighbors

I love getting new neighbors! It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and make someone feel welcomed in their new neighborhood. Being the new neighbors is usually a little more stressful. My family and I recently moved to a new city and don’t really know anyone. On our very first day of moving all of our stuff into the new house, some neighbors came right up to the front door and introduced themselves. They brought the whole family! It was fantastic! It made us feel a little more comfortable in our new surroundings and it was like having instant friends. So if you have a new neighbor, don’t be shy! They just might be your new best friends. Before you head over to introduce yourself, it’s always a great idea to bring a little something over to them. Whether it be a small housewarming gift like a gift basket with some neighborhood essentials and goodies or a little dinner for while they are unpacking, it is always well received. If you do take over dinner, using the throw away plastic containers is always great because the new neighbors don’t have to worry about getting it back to you! You could also bring over a small “welcome” card with your information and phone number inside for them to call with any questions or favors they might need. And while you’re over there, offer to help them unpack or clean! Even if you have little ones with you, there is always something they can do to pitch in.  Take the opportunity to chat them up and learn more about them and tell them a little about the neighborhood including your favorite restaurants, parks and other family activities. Moving and being new in an area can be very stressful, so if doing just a few small and simple things can help a new neighbor feel less stressed and even relieved, then why not go for it?