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Making Neighborhood Friends

National Friendship Day is coming up, which means you have a nation-wide excuse to make more friends! No more lonely lunches for you (unless you enjoy eating alone…that’s cool with me…no judgment here). But on the off chance that you woke up this morning and thought, “Hey you know what? I could use another friend in my life!” then this is the perfect article for you! Neighborhoods are a great place to start, but it can be a little intimidating to spark up a friendship. Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make more neighbor friends. In fact I guarantee (not really, but just maybe) that implementing these tips will get you a neighbor friend!

  1. Go on a walk.

I can never go more than 5 minutes outside my house without seeing another person. Sometimes we do that awkward glance look-at-feet glance-again half-smile pretend-someone-is-calling-me thing. But in honor of friendship day I will say “hi” to the people I see on a walk and we will be friends I just know it.

  1. Bake cookies.

A dozen cookies never hurt a relationship. That is, unless they were poison cookies. Okay this tip is now: Bake non-poisonous cookies. And then take those cookies to a neighbor. This is by far the most important tip I can offer because cookies are delicious to the soul.

  1. Follow a drone camera back to its owner.

Now this is a true story. We have a neighbor who has the coolest gadgets and one night we saw a camera drone flying around the neighborhood. We were certain it was his so we followed it to his house and started chatting. Two hours later we were convinced of buying our own drone and hopefully some nice neighbors will follow it to our house.

  1. Watch The Bachelor.

I’m not saying you really have to watch The Bachelor to have friends. That would just be insane (almost as insane as one guy dating 25 intoxicated women at the same time). But what I am saying is that you can have something really silly in common (like watching The Bachelor) and it provides a great excuse to get together once a week with neighbor friends! Every Monday a group of women in my neighborhood get together and jaw-drop for 2 hours over The Bachelor and we really enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Plan a neighborhood BBQ

Okay this one is a little more involved but I put it at the end of my list for all you overachievers. I knew you would be the ones to make it to the end of my list anyways! I’ve hosted and attended several neighborhood BBQs and can say that it has led to numerous neighbor friendships.

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Vacation Packing Checklist

This summer my family has been constantly on the go. Going here. Staying there. It’s been amazing, but it’s also been a little overwhelming in the packing and prepping department. Getting my family of six out the door, in the car and on the road can be a major undertaking. Without fail we’ve gotten to our destination and discovered we’ve forgotten something.

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Homemade Baby Food Safety Tips

I’ve always admired new moms and dads who prepare homemade baby food for their little ones. When my older son was ready for solids,

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Tips For Taking Great Vacation Photos

One of my greatest joys in life is taking photos. There’s something so wonderful about having a memory recorded digitally or on film, especially when the photo looks the way that you remember the moment.

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Vacationing At Home

Often, the best way to unwind is by taking the perfect getaway vacation. But after all the time spent on preparing, planning, and traveling, your vacation can quickly feel more stressful than it should. If you are already feeling overwhelmed with all of the costs and frustrations that come with traveling, maybe your ideal vacation is a stay-cation.

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4th of july roundup

Happy 4th of July! We hope you have a wonderful and safe Independence Day. Here is a roundup list of every 4th of July article you would ever need to make this year the best yet.

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How to Keep Your Kids Learning Over the Summer

Students across the country are counting down the days until school’s out for summer. I totally remember being in their shoes, ready to swap classrooms and cafeterias for camp and community swimming pools – and to think about anything but book reports, science projects, and math homework.

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Plan a Perfect Picnic at Home

When the weather warms up and summer starts getting into full swing, one of my favorite things to do is have a meal outside! And there’s no need to look any further than your own backyard

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Wave The Flag

Flag Day is here, and that means lots of celebrating the stars and stripes! I love the season of honoring and celebrating the American flag – there’s such a rich history to it, and the symbolism of what it means to our country is fascinating. If you’re getting ready for Flag Day or Independence Day and want to hang up Old Glory on your home, we’ve got some tips for installing and properly flying your own flag!

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More Trees Please

If your power bills are too high, consider adding more trees to your yard. 

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Preparing for Outdoor Sporting Events

Whether you are a die-hard Seattle Mariners baseball fan, or the mother of a little league athlete, the chances are you will be spending lots of hours at outdoor sporting events this summer. It is also likely that you want to survive that scorching summer and make it to fall! For all you fans looking forward to a fun and toasty season of outdoor sports, here are a few tips on how to prepare:

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Neighbor Day – Smart Door Locks

There’s something to be said about having great neighbors. They are people you can count on, grow with, and do life together with. They keep an eye on your home when you’re away, they water your garden, walk your dog, and bring over homemade sweets. Why not celebrate them today and let them know how much you appreciate neighboring with them! Bake them a batch of homemade cookies or even post a kind note to their door.

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11 Tips for Living in an HOA

Do you live in a place with a Homeowners Association? Just those two little words are enough to send some folks running for the hills. After all, many HOAs have gotten a bad rap for being notoriously tough to deal with. But conversely, HOAs are a reality and a necessity to keep things running smoothly. If you’re living in an HOA, read on for our top tips on creating a healthy, happy environment for everyone.

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Garden Safety Tips

If you’ve spent an entire day gardening, you know it’s not for the weak. Gardening is hard work! In order to design a garden that’s safe for your family, it’s important to take precautions. Here are some tips…

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Lawn Care with Pets

If you have a pet that spends time outside, you know that lawn care can be tricky business. Growing grass becomes a bit more complicated with a dog spending time in your yard. Dog urine contains high amounts of nitrogen, as a result of breaking down protein in their food. This can act as a fertilizer but also have consequences on a lawn when exposed in frequent and larger volumes. Female dogs’ urine, in general, is more acidic since it is usually eliminated in larger quantities at one time. This can create burn spots on lawns. Male dogs’ urine is also high in nitrogen, but may have less consequences as males tend to mark their urine in smaller amounts instead of releasing it in large quantities. Whether your dog is male or female, there are preventative steps to keep both your pet and lawn safe and healthy all season long.

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Neighborhood Etiquette

Okay let’s talk neighbors. Some of my absolute favorite people on earth have been my neighbors, and some of my absolute least favorite people on earth have been neighbors. Living in close proximity to others, as a neighborhood facilitates, can mean that personal living spaces overlap. Sidewalks we walk, bike paths we ride, and playgrounds we play in are all shared spaces. Also family noises and smells and that awful hideous lime-green door can all affect our neighbors. After living near the best and the worst of neighbors here is my two cents about what makes a good neighbor, and how to have good neighborhood etiquette.

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Vivint’s Military Policy

If you don’t have any connections to the military — if you don’t have a relative, friend, or neighbor in uniform — you may not know that May 16, 2015 is Armed Forces Day. Of course, that’s one of the reasons why the first Armed Forces Day was held more than 60 years ago: To increase awareness of America’s armed forces and the types of job performed by the our  servicemen and women.

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Color and Create Your Own Story

It’s Reading Is Fun Week and what better way to get your kids reading than having them also become authors! Download our free printable coloring scenes and encourage your children to add their own characters! Each page has a space at the bottom for your child to write a caption for each scene. They can create their own narrative and explore their own creativity! The coloring pages can be cut in half and rearranged in any way they wish. When it’s time to bind the book together, simply place the cover page on the outside and the story pages on the inside and staple the binding together for your child.

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Protecting and Connecting Military Families with Vivint

Did you know that Military Spouse Appreciation Day was on May 8th? Many civilians don’t, but the day holds special meaning to me because I was a military spouse for six years before my husband separated from the Air Force. It was nice to be recognized once a year for the sacrifices I was making in order for my husband to serve our country.

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A Man’s Guide To An #EPIC Mother’s Day

Guys, we often hear phrases like “I don’t need”, “I don’t want”, or “There is nothing wrong” from the women in our lives.

For centuries men have been trying to figure out the real meanings behind such statements. Some have even tried developing technology that would translate a woman’s remarks into an understandable language.

“I don’t need anything for Mother’s Day.”

Have you heard this from your wife this year? From what men already understand about women, husbands know this statement has an underlying complexity to it. Sorry guys, when translated, this statement actually means much more.

What does it mean? Find out what she really needs and deserves in our step-by-step guide to make her Mother’s Day #EPIC. 

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World Red Cross Day

Today is World Red Cross Day, a day to celebrate the aid that the Red Cross provides and the perfect opportunity to lend a hand. The Red Cross organization offers dozens of services to those who are in need; be it natural disaster relief, blood supply, or medical assistance. I’m sure you may have heard of opportunities to donate money to the Red Cross and to volunteer with the Red Cross, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved!

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Why Moms love Space Monkey

I’m a photo addict. I snap pictures on my smartphone and my DSLR constantly. At this moment, I have about 30,000 photos saved on my external hard drives. But since our first baby came along about five months ago, I’ve been even more of a photo hound, if that’s possible. I mean, how can you not want to document every sweet little smile or milestone? And with a video camera oh-so-conveniently in my phone, I’ve been taking lots of video as well and the data is just stacking up. So what’s a mom to do with all of that data? My hard drives are bursting at the seams, not to mention the fact that it’s hard to access those photos and videos from my smartphone, tablet, or other computers.

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Meal Planning Tips

I will be the first to admit that I am far from having all of my ducks in a row. As a business owner, a wife, a mother, and an artist I’m basically just “winging it” for the most part. But there are a few rare tasks in my life that I have buttoned-down pretty tight. And one of those things is meal planning. I should probably begin by stating the honest truth: I don’t really enjoy cooking (gasp!). It’s not really my creative medium and I don’t like the mess and unpredictability of it. I mean, if a craft goes wrong it can be a happy mistake, but if your chicken dish goes wrong it is ruined or can even make you sick. This uncertainty and my aversion to cooking is probably why I am so good at meal planning! If you are feeling like you want a little more organization and strategy when it comes to meal planning, I’m here to spill the beans.

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Remodeling your home with Vivint

Are you thinking of embarking on a home remodeling project?  My husband and I recently purchased a 1960’s rambler in need of major improvements.   We quickly learned that remodeling a home forces you to make a lot of decisions, many of which have lasting consequences.  We made our fair share of both good and bad decisions.  One of our best decisions was to install a Vivint system.

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Spring Break with Vivint

Spring break is around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ll be staying in town or rather, staying at work, while some neighbors are hitting the beach. If one of your neighbors is heading out of town for the week, have they asked you to keep an eye on their house while they’re away?

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Teaching Children About Money

When we were potty training my oldest son, we used pennies as a reward for going on the toilet. He’d get one or two pennies depending on…well, you know.  

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Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely

There’s nothing like an unexpected (or anxiously awaited) windfall to get the old creative spending juices flowing. Our minds immediately picture all the stuff we’ve been wisely saying no to throughout the year… like new golf clubs just in time for spring!! As tempting as those items may be, a nice tax refund is actually a great opportunity to secure your financial future with a wise investment. Here are a few less than fun but truly worthwhile ways to spend that refund.

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In 1926 the electric garage door changed basic sheds into the modern day garage. #TBT #TBTHome

World Health Day: Staying Connected to Global Issues

When there’s so much happening in our lives day to day it’s often hard just to keep up with our friends and our neighbors—let alone those outside our community. I know this is a challenge for me as work and family seems to occupy all my time and attention. But I’m challenging myself to start looking beyond my home and community and begin keeping up with global issues. It’s important to me to not only know what’s going on in the world but know how I can participate too.

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Eight Fresh Easter Egg Ideas

Will you be getting your Easter egg on this year? If you’re tired of the same old Easter egg dyeing kits from the store, we’ve rounded up eight totally fun, fresh ideas to get your egg game on point! And the best part is that lots of them can be made with supplies you have already around the house, so you might not even need that pesky egg dye anyway!

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