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All posts by Tiffany Compton

Keeping Kids Safe at Home

My neighbor is a wonderful mother of three. When she moved to our neighborhood a few years ago, she came over to let me know her son has autism and often tries to leave the house unsupervised.

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“undercover boss” behind the scenes with vivint employee mark woods.


Q: How would you describe your “Undercover Boss” experience?

A: My experience on Undercover Boss was great. I’ve never talked to Todd or met with him personally before. It was really cool to be able to work with him for an entire day. Actually, he kind of worked for me, which made it all more interesting. Read more…

“undercover boss” behind the scenes with vivint ceo todd pedersen

Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen will be featured on the Season 6 finale of CBS’s award winning series, “Undercover Boss,” Friday, February 20, 2015.  We talked to Todd about his experience being part of the show. He shared some details that provided a great sneak peek to the episode.

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earth day 2014

Kermit said it best, it ain’t easy being green.  We know that it takes work to live green.  Recycling, conserving energy and

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1 year of neighboring

We launched The Neighborhood 1 year ago today.  I wanted to say thank you to all that have written, read, downloaded and participated in the conversation about neighboring. 

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tiffany compton


I am constantly evolving.

I live in Holladay, Utah.

My family is a constant source of laughter, joy, support and love – especially my nieces and nephews.

I enjoy taking pictures.

I’m obsessed with the beach.  I get cranky if I don’t get to a beach often.

I collect wine corks from all the amazing dinners I have had with friends and family.  Everyone signs the corks and my bulletin boards are a lot more meaningful.

I love to try patio dining.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate it just needs to be a local restaurant.  No chains please!

My neighborhood is charming, quiet, and beautiful and exactly where I want to be.

I smile because I feel lucky everyday.

the neighborhood calendar – april

April showers are on their way, and you know what that means: spring is too! Thank goodness. As the weather gets warmer, now is your time to spring clean, bring your garden back to life, get ready for Easter, and get back into the great outdoors. Celebrate the season with your very own April 2013 calendar to see your month in miniature:

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nutritious neighbor

Are you hanging on to your New Years resolution by a thread?  Me too.  I always have great expectations and then once spring starts to show, I am reminded that I may have slipped on a few resolutions.  I consider getting in shape a community effort.  Snacking healthy should be a community effort too. 

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recycling for safety

I started spring cleaning.  Not my favorite task.  For some reason it never occurred to me what I could do with all the things I was getting out of my closets—like that 72 hour kit I have had on the list forever! 

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the neighborhood calendar – march

It’s almost March! Spring is on its way—and so is St. Patrick’s Day. So if you’re a fan of the Celtic spirit, now is your chance to show it.

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maintain your car

I have an older car.  It is not the fanciest car, but I am determined to drive it into the ground—in a good way.  I commute about 40 miles each way to work every day, and I want to make the drive easy on me and my car.  I recently replaced all my tires and got an alignment that was an unexpected expense.  Merry Christmas to me!  The technician at the shop let me know that I could have avoided the alignment and possibly delayed the new tires by doing a few simple things to extend the life of the tires.

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unpacking gift

I was so excited to move into my new place.  It had just been renovated so it was a clean slate, fresh start.  I love having everything clean and empty.  It feels like a canvas before you add the first stroke of paint.  We loaded boxes and arrived at the new place ready to get everything together.  Guess what wasn’t there? Everything. 

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Vivint provided security last week at Alt Summit. Check out the photos http://t.co/hcs6Ueyx #altsummit #letsneighbor @

label everything

I have an abnormal obsession with organization.  Every new year when everything from Christmas is finally back in the totes and bins and the tree is out for recycling, I start looking for ways to clean and organize all the cabinets and shelves in my place.  I absolutely love getting bins and drawers to keep everything separate. 

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ALT Summit 2013 | Salt Lake City, Utah

The team at Vivint is so pleased to welcome you to our neighborhood! We want to insure you have a fun (and delicious!) stay in Salt Lake City, so we are sharing some of our very favorite local places to eat, drink, shop, and of course to Instagram.

Click here for our interactive guide.

We look forward to meeting you in person! And, if you have any questions about Salt Lake while you are at ALT Summit, please feel free to reach out to us at neighborhood@vivint.com!

happy new year

A new year, a clean slate.  All of us at the Neighborhood would like to wish you a Happy New Year.  May your year be filled with health, happiness, and amazing acts of neighboring.

merry christmas from the neighborhood

Merry Christmas!  We  love this time of year and all the fun and festive activities that come along with the season. 

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12 days advent calendar – diy

Sometimes it takes a little longer than we expect to get around to doing the things we want to . . . And sometimes you just don’t want to take on a project for 25 full days of Christmas.  If either of those apply to you, then here is an advent calendar for the twelve days of Christmas.

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win passes to alt summit

To win, pin your favorite ideas or examples of neighboring!

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thanksgiving info

How much power are we eating?

We love this project!!! When can we take it nationwide? http://t.co/p8tGrEMi

our mission

Great neighborhoods can happen anywhere.

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craft pack neighbor gift

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what makes a great neighbor

I just moved into my first home, and I am so excited for everything that goes along with a new place.

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where does the time go

I am constantly amazed by working parents. I have no idea how they get it all done.

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fresh from the farmers market

My local farmers market started last weekend!

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how pets become part of the family

I have always loved animals, probably because we always had some sort of pet over the years—dogs, cats, fish, and even some frogs. 

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making your address visible

Whether guests are trying to find your house for a summer barbeque or emergency vehicles are trying to find your house during a crisis, it’s important that your house address be as visible as possible.

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paper towel guilt

I have serious paper towel guilt. I love using them. They are always handy and never stinky, and I just throw them away when I’m done. How could something so convenient be wrong?

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sticking to your fitness goals

A lot of people start off the New Year with lofty fitness goals and restrictive deadlines. “I want to lose X amount of pounds by Y date.”

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